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What's New?

New Worksheet Types Added

There are now over 45 types of free math worksheet generators, with many additions to the highschool level categories.

Modest Swimwear

This isn't exactly home education per se, but we feel the audience of this site would appreciate the information! The line of modest swimwear we previously hosted on this site has it's own home at http://www.tamanusun.com. If you're interested in a quality product produced by a homeschool family, you might want to check it out!

Free Files on www.hslaunch.com

There are now over 800 free worksheets, forms, notebooking pages, labbook templates and more on hslaunch.com, with more added every day!

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Word Exercise Generator - Version 2!

Effortlessly create spelling list or vocabulary worksheets with the updated generator! Making the worksheets simply requires pasting a block of text (from websites, word documents, unit studies, PDF's, etc), then double clicking (or selecting) the words you want to include. Absolutely no typing involved! So slick, it's fun.

Math Flash Cards

math flash card gameThe math worksheet generators have proven quite popular - now we're venturing into interactive territory with the times-table flashcard quizzer! This tool is extremely user-friendly, and keeps tracks of which answers your student misses, and makes sure to bring them up later. It also gives you the ability to limit the numbers shown; if your student is having trouble with 9's, just check the 9's box, and the software will focus on 9's.


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