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Homeschooling Methods - The Traditional Method

The Traditional Homeschooling Method

This approach to homeschooling is also known as school-at-home, structured homeschooling, scope and sequence schooling, or school-in-a-box. It is the method which most closely follows a traditional school model, and strives to mirror that type of classroom setting in the home. Traditional homeschoolers usually purchase a complete curriculum which includes textbooks, teacher’s guides, tests, schedules, and grading and record keeping materials. Each child will most likely have his own set of textbooks and workbooks, and will study each subject separately according to grade level.

Most traditional homeschoolers follow a structured schedule each day, Monday through Friday, September through June, following a traditional school system. The study proceeds according to written lesson plans. Daily work is turned in and graded, lessons are followed by tests, and grades and records are kept. A report card may be issued on a quarterly or semester basis.

Some families relax this approach somewhat, still following structured schedules and grade levels, but choosing their own curriculum and creating their own lesson plans.

The greatest benefit of this method is the security of knowing all necessary material is being covered, and there will be no gaps in learning. If and when the time comes for these children to re-enter the school system, they will be able to make the transition with the greatest degree of ease.

Below are listed some of the most popular complete curriculum packages:


Alpha Omege Publications

Bob Jones University Press

Christian Liberty Academy


Most of these publishers also offer individual texts or workbooks for purchase.

One last thought:
How many traditional homeschoolers does it take to change a light bulb?
None. Electricity isn’t in the curriculum on today’s schedule. They’ll have to call the electrician on the weekend.

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