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Homeschooling Methods - Eclectic

Eclectic Home Education

An Eclectic Home Education is an approach which draws from the different methods of homeschooling, and takes from each whatever seems best for the individual family and situation. An Eclectic homeschooler will research various approaches and curriculum, and tailor a system to meet the needs, temperaments, interests, and learning styles of each student. Most Eclectic approaches choose a foundational curriculum, but do not follow it closely, refining and supplementing it to their satisfaction.

An Eclectic homeshcooler may take the Unschooling concept that education should be child-directed. He may make use of unit studies to allow a student to research his interests. There will probably be emphasis on reading classical books and other quality literature, as in the Classical, Charlotte Mason, and Thomas Jefferson methods. He may choose a structured math curriculum such as Saxon for one child, and a more manipulative approach such as Math U See for another, according to their learning style. Grammar study may be learned from a workbook, or incorporated into writing assignments. Computers may be used to the extent considered useful and wise.

Some use is made of textbooks, but on the whole Eclectic homeschoolers dislike textbook-based programs, considering them too structured and narrow. They believe that everything and anything can and should be a learning experience. Eclectic programs often include trips to museums, libraries, nature walks, music lessons, or classes with other homeschoolers.

For more information:

Eclectic Homeschool Online http://eho.org/ - A web site and online newsletter authored by Beverly S. Krueger



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